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Originally Posted by bippym
It's quite ironic how 15 yrs ago nobody could afford £20-£25 for a game (Because of pocket money).. Now my kids have a DS and PSP and GBA and they have loads of original games which they paid for themselves (and they currently only get £3 p/w each but can earn more cash by helping out around the house)....
I think the reason is/was the price of the gambling hardware...
If I think back to 1986, when my dad came home with his (later my) Amiga 500... he paid around 11.000 ATS for it (approx. 799 Euros). My current extended A3000 costs more then 800 Euros.

People (kids) couldn't afford such expensive games as long as they have spent all their saved money for a 512KB machine as the A500

You say your kids have GBA and co... here in Austria you can get the GBmicro (I think it's GBA compatible) for 99 Euros (during Xmas for 89 Euros). So the basic hardware for using games is much cheaper nowadays.

Answering the questions: yes, I got around 250 copies during the 90's and very few originals: Mr. Nutz, Syndicate, Quik and some others. Now - 6 years non using the disks, they're all full of read/write errors *gg* and I had to buy my favourites at eBay for a few (and sometimes many) bucks/Euros.

Best regards, Andi
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