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Originally Posted by DamienD
Hmmm, I may be able to help

About 2.5 years ago I grabbed some of the save disks from BTTR (well as far as I can remember this is where I got them from). Here's a list of what I have:
Shall I upload somewhere :confuse
I may have some more at home also
Great news Damien! If they compress good enough with zip/rar maybe you can zone them in one archive?
I also got a few:
Curse of the Azure Bonds
Millennium 2.2
Pool of Radiance
Dungeon Master

Some savedisks are trivial, coz the game can format a disk on it's own but some games require special disknames etc. Maybe we can create a new Tosec dat for savedisk (that ones who are not come along with the game and must be created by the user). You have listed 49, i add my 5. Still 37 savedisks from BTTR missing and the info from the non adf savedisks! Anyone?
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