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Far ahead of it's time probably refers especially to A1000 era (1985) through A500+A2000 (1987) and including Amiga 3000 (no 256 colours) (1990) - Note that as a teenage computer game player at this time, it was around here that PCs with their 256 colour VGA and 8bit sound blaster and 80386 CPUs started to get on an even keel with the amiga, so the amiga 3000 was just not enough of a leap like the a1000 was.

Too little too late would be A4000 (no 16mill colours, no 16bit sound - should even have been in A3000) (1992) onwards. Though need to read the book when I get home to be sure what the author is referring to.

Falling ram prices.... doubling of memory adds a lot to the price, especially in the good old days.

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