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Can I just ask the opinions of people who've read this book?

I've just finished it, and towards the end found a couple of odd things.

i) the author reckoned that falling RAM prices meant that all A500's shipped in Europe with 1Mb of "graphics memory"

ii) at the end of one chapter there's a quote from someone saying something like "the amiga was just so far ahead of it's time Commodore didn't know how to handle it". Then another person is quoted immediately after says "the amiga was good but it was too little too late". Why the contradiction? How could the Amiga ever be called too little too late!

So I was just wondering what other people think - is the book largely accurate apart from the two points I've just mentioned?

It certainly is a fascinating insight into the company, especially from a point of view of how much of a mess they were in even in the glory days of the Amiga when they should have been making a fortune
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