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Originally Posted by Francois
How could you finish FTA without the 5th statue?

IMO the most difficult part in the game was to figure out you had to find the hidden city of Azal (in the Burning Waste), which doesn't appear until you have all 5 statues (so you can find there the Rose which alows you to walk on the lava in front of the entrance of the Citadel of Doom).

The location of the city is shown on the vector format map (but doesn't appear using the Bird Totems iirc).
I'm not sure how I missed this but like mr_a500 also stated sometimes you don't need an item (even a supposed neccessary one) to accomplish a set task...

wasn't there some shard or something too... I don't think you actually needed that either...

like you could acually kill the witch without the sunstone...


I don't recall how I got past the lava as such but I did... I still have 3 saved games from it, C being the moment before I defeated the bad person

When I mentioned bugs in my initial post I also mean how the city would appear but I couldn't really interact with it properly...

ya know, I've just finished Oblivion for the 360 and I was thinking wouldn't it be cool to play faery tale adv in that style... keep it all the same, deeper stories perhaps, I'm sure it would be a winner all over again

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