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Finally finished writing all the SETUP.EXE file.

One small issue, I had to loose the Save Files going to the C: or D: or E: or F: drive

Now, no matter if you play from the DVD drive or copy it across to a Hard Drive partition all Saves Files get stored in C:\SNES\SAVES\SNES9X or C:\SNES\SAVES\ZSNES (depending on the emulator you choose)... It's hard to explain exactly why I needed to do this but trust me when I say it complicated things way too much...

Now all that's left to do is:
1) Create all these different sets of zsnesw.cfg + zguicfgw.dat (see below in Code: so it doesn't look funny)
2) Test everything extensively

N.CFG			normal 
N.DAT			normal 
S.CFG			scanlines 
S.DAT			scanlines 
T.CFG			tvmode 
T.CFG			tvmode 
D.CFG			default 
D.CFG			default 
N_XB.CFG			normal, xbox 
N_XB.DAT			normal, xbox 
S_XB.CFG			scanlines, xbox 
S_XB.DAT			scanlines, xbox 
T_XB.CFG			tvmode, xbox 
T_XB.DAT			tvmode, xbox 
D_XB.CFG			default, xbox 
D_XB.DAT			default, xbox 
N_PS.CFG			normal, ps2 
N_PS.DAT			normal, ps2 
s_PS.CFG			scanlines, ps2 
s_PS.DAT			scanlines, ps2 
T_PS.CFG			tvmode, ps2 
T_PS.DAT			tvmode, ps2 
D_PS.CFG			default, ps2 
D_PS.DAT			default, ps2 
N_HR.CFG			normal, hotrod 
N_HR.DAT			normal, hotrod 
S_HR.CFG			scanlines, hotrod 
S_HR.DAT			scanlines, hotrod 
T_HR.CFG			tvmode, hotrod 
T_HR.DAT			tvmode, hotrod 
D_HR.CFG			default, hotrod 
D_HR.DAT			default, hotrod 
N_DF.CFG			normal, default 
N_DF.DAT			normal, default 
S_DF.CFG			scanlines, default 
S_DF.DAT			scanlines, default 
T_DF.CFG			tvmode, default 
T_DF.DAT			tvmode, default 
D_DF.CFG			default, default 
D_DF.DAT			default, default
Phew, off to bed now

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