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Originally Posted by Macca
lol should be fun - I may 'borrow' some of these routines for mine - I (sadly) think I may have to run things locally of the hard-drive - not sure yet though! A lot more investigation needed.
Macca, no problem what-so-ever. You've probably already checked out my 70% finished SETUP.TXT file by now? You are welcome to use anything inside. Once I totally complete my SETUP.EXE I'll post it to you in the form of a .TXT file and will try to explain how it all works

Originally Posted by Macca
By the way DD - do you know a variable for the current active drive - I want to change the paths in Gamebase to point to whichever drive it was ran from.
Hmmm, at the moment my heads going full-time on getting mine finished while it's still fresh in my head...

Once completed I'll be happy to assist you with getting yours to run how you want it. Hopefully the emulator / front end etc. will be registry based
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