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I'm absolutely interested!

Everything what I said in DamienD's thread holds true here. I pretty much showed the same enthusiasm and offered the same comments about producing compact DVDs for all the popular EMU formats as yourself.

What I’m taking about is NOT complete HUGE TOSEC collections (although with the C64 it may all go on one DVD) with loads of games/alts that no one plays. These have a place in archives and historical preservation and I take my hat off to those dedicated to collecting and making safe all these sets. When it comes to actual practical use however, I’m no ROM whore - all I want is compact playable collections with great front ends and artwork. In other words hand picked projects by experienced people with a love of retrogaming and I'm willing to help as much as possible!

Damiens DVD is a great start. Syncro has a fantastic Amiga DVD project that looks really cool, especially if you've got an xbox. Bippy, as always, has produced some great DVDs and is giving a load to the community by helping out in various projects, being a mod, developing Amiga frontends/launch utils - all stuff that would work well in a DVD project.

I think having hand-picked/full DVD release projects is brilliant and as long as everyone is willing to help out then we can each work and contribute on particular format at a time.


Next this C64 DVD…..then Megadrive, then.......perhaps dare we say it………even an Atari ST DVD???? We have a great bunch of people here and I'm willing to spend time hand picking out games/front ends etc if need be.

Come on Macca, let's go for it! Next DVD, C64!

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