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Lightbulb Fancy a NEW Amiga magazine?

Hey all,

Just an idea i've been mulling over lately, thought i'd share it with you guys to see what kinda response i'd get (keep it clean! )

I've plenty of experience with Adobe InDesign and was wondering if you guys would contribute to a sorta retro Amiga mag? It'd be free to all, no charge and be in PDF for download.

I was thinking of different sections like :
Reviews - Reviews of old Amiga games, how do they still stand up now? Obviously graphics are better now but its gameplay that counts eh?
Demos - How does a particular demo hold up now? Looking back did it really challenge the Amiga's hardware?
Stories - Just people rambling on about their childhood memories of the Amiga
Music - How did they create those amazing tunes etc
Interviews - Try and get some interviews with demo/game folks
Any other stuff that people want to write about. Amiga/CBM history, one story i quite fancied doing was a comparison between something like WorkBench and Win 3.11 (both out at roughly the same time), of course the WB would win but, hey, we're biased, big deal!

As long as it involves the Amiga then thats good enough for me...

Obviously screen grabs would be a necessity but easily done with the emulators we have now.

If you guys would be willing to help write stuff i'd easily do the donkey work

Waddya think???
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