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cool but sad to see there's less and less amiga demo...

edit : sorry, outdated comment, it wasn't the full list.

I watch :
- lux aetherna lucia eis / Ephidrena : a beautiful 3D show
- Kilofix/Iris : a great demo with "real effects" and "real" graphics.
- Tour de Scene / Tulou : good design and fresh'n'happy atmosphere
- Requiem - The Black Lotus : a good demo with a mix of effect, nice script. a bit too dark ?!

without forgettting the AMAZING 4kb Planet Loonies / Loonies

It's funny to see that as demo now turn into 3D show/movie, it's more the scenario that makes the demo good or not instead of the technical aspect as in old prods... at least for some prods

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