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Originally Posted by sarek2k
yeah go for it! if ppl wanna tweak the settings later they can do and to be honest the options ain't hard to tweak not even for instant play merchants! and of course the emulators always run better from the hd anyway!
Hey sarak2k, thank for the feedback.

I've thought about it some more, this is what I can do in terms of Zsnes:

... If you select the option to run the straight from the DVD then you would just have the standard setup of 800x600 normal video with default keyboard controls.

... If you select the option to copy everything to the HDD then I can have the different pre-configured zsnesw.cfg and zguicfgw.dat files copied across.

I need to ask you a favour though if that's ok? As I don't have a Playstation 2, I gave away my PS2 USB adapter to a friend. I only bought this in order to create the original configuration files for Snes9x, didn't need it afterwards.

If I send you the different zsnesw.cfg and zguicfgw.dat files for PS2 controls can you remap the buttons, save the files and send them back to me so that I can include these options? There will be 2 different sets i.e. "Normal video + PS2" + "Scanlines video + PS2". There's no TV mode...
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