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I could test it on my Compaq IPAQ (Desktop PC not hand held) thats a pIII 1 ghz tho it has shit built in graphics, 256mb ram and not a lot else (it's my Warlords 3 machine running win2000) However at the moment it dosent have a cd/dvd drive it does have network built in but my network is down at the moment stuck with 2 way (pc / xbox) as my Netgear modem/router packed in (not having a good time am i )

I've used Zsnes and Snes9x for many moons on many systems from a cyrix 166 upwards so don't think it's down to tasks running in the taskbar and why would one work perfectly and not the other seems v.strange to me!

Also another IDEA for you m8 have u heard of these AiO (All in One) disks the guy who is best at them is called Vertigo173, basically he does a loverly front end for cd/dvd's with various tools including gorgeous icons etc. I thought maybe they might help you make a prettier front end autorun etc rather than via the batch file method your using right now! Take a look at and search "AiO" and you'll get a return on them i've downloaded quite a few from Down and Dirty with Dvdshrink to an Actuall AiO disk creation system and guide by Vertigo173 himself! (with the tools needed to create them) Take a look m8 i am sure you will not be dissapointed!
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