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Tried out Zsnes and checked out all the settings / options. It's quite a nice emulator and does have more functionality than Snes9x...

However I have some bad news... unfortunately Zsnes does not use the registry but instead writes everything to a file called zsnesw.cfg and zguicfgw.dat. This would mean that I would need to have different versions of these files for:

... Different video settings (Normal + Scanlines + default)
... Different controls (Xbox + PS2 + HotRod SE/X-Arcade + default)

Just to get the same choices that I have through pre-configured options / settings for Snes9x would mean that I need way too many sets of files. i.e. "Normal video + Xbox controls", "Normal video + PS2", "Normal video + HotRod SE/X-Arcade", "Normal video + default", "Scanlines + Xbox controls", "Scanlines + PS2" etc...

...and of course this also means that you are unable to use this SNES DVD straight from the DVD drive and would have to copy everything to the HDD.

So I can only think of one solution, I can include Zsnes but you would only have a standard setup of 800x600 normal video with default keyboard controls... If you wanted to change the video settings or the controls then you would first need to copy this DVD to the HDD and then change the desired settings / options.

What do people think

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