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Having a choice of emulator...

After having a quick think about this, there's one small problem:

The emulator to use is set in one of the front end's .ini files. Now, I could have 2 different .ini files, one for snes9x + one for zsnes, the user selects which emulator they would prefer and then this gets copied across to where necessary. The problem is that you are then unable to use this SNES DVD straight from the DVD drive and would have to copy everything to the HDD

One way to still keep the "playing from DVD" functionality would be to have 2 directories say FRONT END_SNES9X and FRONT END_ZSNES (each with the needed .ini file inside). Of course you then take up more space on the DVD but not really a big deal as there's heaps of room...

I need to investigate some more
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