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Tried the demo... Here's what is the displayed in the Readme after installation:

Originally released in 1991 Another World, dubbed 'Out of This World' in the U.S.A, soon became considered a classic. The 2D vector graphics sparked the imagination of a generation of young gamers and still holds a special place in many players' hearts.

The choice to use vector graphics, considered very stylistic and avant-garde at the time, has proven its worth in this re-issue. The original animations have been recalculated into a higher resolution and then bundled together with new enhanced backgrounds to further the original experience

It is important for historical reasons to preserve the initial low-resolution 16-colour version, but you will also be free to explore and compare the new graphical variations and add-ons.

It's up to you to live anew or relive in its original form, this tragic adventure in a world so distant from our own.

The demo is only the first level, the new enhanced backgrounds look cool. Since it's only 7€, I have now purchased this and will be emailed the file "Key.txt" that you need to copy to the folder where Another World is located....
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