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Originally Posted by Rick Dangerous
We used "White Lightning" and later "X-Copy" to do this.
I haven't thought of White Lightning for a long time! Thanks for reminding me of that.

I wouldn't steal from my friend Paul now, so why was it 'okay' to do so then?
It's probably just guilt from knowing that you took some revenue from someone you know. On the flip side, Paul probably would give you a copy since you are friends.

The last game that I bought was Might & Magic VI SE with all the prequels. I enjoyed them when I was younger, so I decided to get the box set and support the "artists". MM6 itself was disappointing. Also, New World Computing was bought out by 3DO, so the money most likely did not go to the original designers. In the end, did I really help out the situation? I gave money to a corporation, voted that I liked the new game with the purchase where the company will consider making another crappy sequel. If I had tried the game out beforehand, I won't not have bothered buying it. Also, the repacking of the older games wasn't not great. Since then, I haven't bought any modern PC games nor have I really played them.

Another scenario... Dreamcast was slashed to $50. It was announced that they would stop production of the console. So if you knew that your purchase would not go to the employee who was going be fired, would you still buy the games?
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