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Back in 1986 we first met after school for gaming on the Amiga.
But those gaming-meetings went later on into a copy-session.
Anyone knew a buddy, who supplied him with cracked games.
So we sat there for hours and hours to do just copies.
There was no gaming at all!
We used "White Lightning" and later "X-Copy" to do this.
The feelings we got at that time were:
- It's forbidden, but it's somewhat exciting
- Hopefully no one catches us, we heard about several people which got into conflict with the law (Police visits the parents!).

But I think, that this 'Copy-Scene' was very important for the C64 and later the Amiga. People had to buy these machines to play cracked games!

And, in my opinion, this one thing in late 1980's put the gravestone on the Homecomputer-Market:
INTEL-MICROSOFT-IBM decided (they were forced to) to allow Third-Parties to develop hard- and software for their PCs.

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