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Hey guys,

Well, I finished this update last night but have been trying to work out a very minor thing so didn't post this today already (will explain later)...

Just thought to myself, hey it's Easter why not give everybody the "new", "improved" update (as currently I'm not sure if I will overcome this "minor thing" and it is minor).

So without further delay, here is the latest update which does the following:

... Adds UNC path's to everything i.e. SETUP.EXE, Front End and finally the Emulator (yet still allowing you to open new games). The emulator part was the hard one (see previous posts) but finally got it working with the use of subst (many thanks Macca for reminding me of this). It did however, require me to re-think / re-create my Desktop shortcut that gets copied across.
... Update of the CD / DVD finding batch file so that it always picks up the first internal CD / DVD drive (obviously if you only have a CD drive this compilation is useless anyway). Before it would grab a virtual drive or USB key if it was first in the drive letters, now it doesn't matter which order they are in).

Now, to update your current DVD... The good news is that no matter what stage you received the DVD off me in, this update will bring all 3 different versions up-to-date. Here's what you need to do:

... Download the attached
... Copy all of your DVD's contents to the root of a Local Partition.
... Delete the file SETUP.EXE in the directory \SNES.
... Delete the directory \SNES\DESKTOP.
... Delete the directory \SNES\REGISTRY.
... Extract to the root of the Local Partition that you copied all the DVD's contents to.
... Reburn the DVD.

Any questions / problem / issues, just ask me...

Hope that you all have / will enjoy the DVD and have a very happy Easter with family and friends.

Best regards

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