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Originally Posted by musashi5150
I heard Tiertex (Strider series) were pretty rough Their trackloader was definately crap!
Umm. Well, let me think ... would The Plague count? Old versions of WinFellow always complained about entering ILLEGAL memory area and crashed, while I reckon that later versions only "tolerated" this behavior of the loader. Could be worth a try to look into that to check its "weirdness".

Toni Wilen once told me that the weirdest track loader he had ever seen was 'The Deep' by Emerald Software. AFAIR it did not even work in quite advanced 0.8.17 r2/r3 yet. Appears to do extremely weird things with DMA...

And as we are here (WinUAE), another one springs to mind: Voyager demo.
AFAIK still not able to boot up on the emulator.

Another is Academy - Tau Ceti II. Galahad once found out it makes quite heavy use of ABSOLUTE addresses ...
Then last but not least ... Arctic Fox. Awfully weird loader too ...
LOL. Both games are from 1985 - a sign? Probably ... Galahad said it already:

older the game, 'generally' worse programming practices they used.
I have some software that I can't get to work on a500 with ks1.2. I guess it's 1.1 only.
KS 1.1 only. Yes.
Boots w/1.2, but you cannot play!!

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