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Originally Posted by Ze_ro
Does it try to find 1.3 on the hard drive too?
Yes but it looks in a different partition.

When I choose 2.x, I end up getting 3.1... I assume these version numbers are hardcoded into Kickstart 1.4, right?

Also, I'm not 100% sure of that CRC... I couldn't find a program for the Amiga to calculate the CRC (Everything on Aminet is source code, and I have no compiler installed). What I ended up doing was transfer the file to my Linux machine, Zip the file, and then run "zip -l" on it, which shows the CRC... So yeah...
As long as that zip -l shows the CRC of the file and not the CRC of the ZIP then it's probably good.

However, if I run AmigaStart from a CLI after boot, it DOES correctly report my KS/WB versions.
Still sounds fishy to me.

The [Dataflyer] card is capable of booting in the 3000, although I still let the machine boot off the SCSI drive.
Probably a good idea, the dataflyer cards are not the best / fastest.

Once I pick up a CD-ROM drive and an X-Surf card, it should make for a pretty happening system
I have that set-up. Remember when reformatting that KS1.4 can only read FFS formatted partition. If you want to use SFS (and I would) for other partitions that is fine.
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