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In this case, it really doesn't matter, as you're never actually expected to use Kickstart 1.4... it's just there to load the REAL Kickstart off the hard drive.
Thank you for the information, the bit of "indirect loading" was unknown to me by now.
I seriously thought that the 1.4 is in the *ROM*!

So thomas, bury your hatchet again then. Commodore thus can't be accused of shipping beta hardware ROMs then, only something in-between (hardware that loads actual "ROM" from software etc.)

Sorry, I've never had nor seen an A3000, I only know that the missing MMU support in WinUAE appears to prevent ALL (!) A3000 kickstart ROMs from loading. (If justice reigned, A3000 users should be allowed to legally download each kickstart without paying any penny for AmigaForever, as they simply CANNOT use their ROMs in the emulator. None of them, that is. But oops -- that's just another story.)

Ah wait, WindowsKiller's last year's post looks as to give proof for a REAL hardware 1.4 boot-ROM:
And there was only one 1.4 Boot-ROM for the A3000, that was 1.4 Beta 3 (36.16).
Beta3 = hardware ROM then. (I assume...)
Probably there's no soft-kicking needed then (if and only if you have 1.4b3)

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