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Originally Posted by Muzkat
When people say that "piracy killed the Amiga," I feel abit guilty.
Yeah, I feel that a little too - but then I think back to my pre-Amiga days when I had a Spectrum (yes, I know C64 was cool - but Speccy was what I could afford ). I remember back in the day when Speccy games were £1.99 - that's great, pocket money goes that far

But since then games stopped being simple 1 man operations in bedrooms and got to be big business, prices swelled, gameplay got crap and fewer truly original games were released because the big companies always wanted to turn a huge profit - and original games were seen as more of a risk. Look at some of the crap licensed games that were released

IMHO as long as games cost more than blank media there will always be piracy...

Although piracy surely contributed, I think it was the lack of hardware updates that killed the Amiga - it just got left behind...
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