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Originally Posted by alexh
Have you tried selecting 1.3 after holding down both mouse buttons on bootup and see if it works?
Yes, but it just asks me to insert a Super-Kickstart disk, which I don't have. Does it try to find 1.3 on the hard drive too? When I choose 2.x, I end up getting 3.1... I assume these version numbers are hardcoded into Kickstart 1.4, right?

Also, I'm not 100% sure of that CRC... I couldn't find a program for the Amiga to calculate the CRC (Everything on Aminet is source code, and I have no compiler installed). What I ended up doing was transfer the file to my Linux machine, Zip the file, and then run "zip -l" on it, which shows the CRC... So yeah...

Originally Posted by andreas
You guys trying to say Commodore did really ship BETA ROMs with the A3000?
Didn't know that nor did I expect it. I'm really curious to know about PC BIOS manufacturers which would dare ship a BETA BIOS in their motherboards!
In this case, it really doesn't matter, as you're never actually expected to use Kickstart 1.4... it's just there to load the REAL Kickstart off the hard drive. When I realized this was a beta ROM, I was a little annoyed myself, but in the end it doesn't matter as long as I have the right file on the hard drive.

Originally Posted by alexh
Ze_ro says that his A3000 (with KS1.4 using SuperKickstart files) reports it's kickstart as 2.04 r37.174 at one stage during boot and then later on as 3.1 r40.78 so you can see our dilema.
It turns out the splash screen that shows that is AmigaStart (although I'm likely running an older version than the one on Aminet). It also shows an incorrect Workbench version, and I have no idea where it's reading these numbers from, so it's entirely possible that it's just this program being stupid rather than weird kickstart happenings. However, if I run AmigaStart from a CLI after boot, it DOES correctly report my KS/WB versions. If I get time, I should try updating the program and see if anything changes.

Originally Posted by thomas
I don't see a dilemma. Just disconnect the HDD and power on, then you see what it has in ROM.
Thanks to a strange quirk (see #9 at the bottom), you can actually get into 1.4 without disconnecting anything. This leads to some strange things though.... If I disconnect all my hard drives before doing this, I get the animated disk-into-drive screen, with a message claiming that I'm using "1.4 Beta Exp". If I leave everything connected, it attempts to start WB and fails with a message saying I need at least Kickstart 2.0, but it dumps me to a CLI anyways. When I run version, it tells me I'm using Kickstart 36.16. Also, the maximize/raise-lower gadgets on the windows look very odd (like in this screenshot).

On the plus side, I was able to get the DataFlyer card working nicely, and it now happily reads/writes to a 1 GB drive I had sitting around (unfortunately, it seems the 3 GB drive I had is now dead, as it doesn't even spin up). The card is capable of booting in the 3000, although I still let the machine boot off the SCSI drive. I have easily enough space to copy the entire contents of the SCSI drive to this new one so I have some insurance when I format. Once I pick up a CD-ROM drive and an X-Surf card, it should make for a pretty happening system
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