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Lightbulb Follow-up #0003

My OldSkool fonts compilation is still on its way,
and I still need the ones I listed above...
>> You can help, Atari ST & Amiga freaks! <<

Before I can release it, I builded this long post*:
1. more Bitmap Color Fonts,
2. logos with or from Bitmap Color Fonts.
(Note for the EAB moderators: all images links and thumbnails are drastically optimized for this BBS (and boards in general). I hope you will not see the contents too irrelevant; Feel free to move the whole post (e.g. outside the Sprites topic), or create your own messages with my links. There is no bandwidth theft and I think the artists and webmasters agree with this kind of tributes with no loss of profit in mind.
(* Statistics: ~15 days (design only - Please don't ban me!), >7H for >30MB (up/dl traffic for hosting + ~1H (reuppings + fixings)), >100 ads scripts (blocked), >30KB (EAB message), 1000s of files, many software/OS crashes.)


1. MORE FONTS (ripping?)

Quake fonts*.
32x32 & 16x16 pixels; 512x512 & 256x256 CharSets; PNG + Alpha Channel.
Freeware, I guess.
My overview showcases the majority of their charsets;
I retained only "01ABab" to facilitate your browsing =

(666x1111, 207 KB)

* If their Apache Server temporarily claims that the site is "403 - Forbidden",
you can try this alternate page: Moon[Drunk]'s Quake Graphics, or perform a Web Search.

123Glitter.Com for your online texts. Animated GIFs, some very cool...
Free of use, but redistribution/storage of their fonts is not allowed I think.


2. FONT LOGOS (ripping?)

Because Old School logos have the nicest fonts
here are 173 logos designed with bitmap fonts.
The artists used 2D, PS, vector, and 3D tools.

This collection/gallery/tutorial features:
• 147 logos from Pouët _____(3.66 MB, 3 846 340 bytes)
_18 logos from ExoticA ___(2.41 MB, 2 531 816 bytes)
__8 logos from EAB, Abîme (_393 KB, _ 403 190 bytes).
In total: 6.47 MB (6 781 346 bytes), well compressed...

To save you time (and to get the original filenames,
and to relieve ImageShack.US*, the hoster), you can
download the logos archives at .DE* :
FontLogos_Pouet.ZIP (3.65 MB, 3 831 774 bytes)
FontLogos_Exotica.ZIP (2.45 MB, 2 579 962 bytes)
FontLogos_EAB-Abime.ZIP (434 KB, 444 992 bytes)
FontLogos_THUMBNAILS_Pouet,ExoticA,EAB-Abime.ZIP (2.01 MB, 2 111 515 bytes; See "()" below).
* Files are subject to quick deletion! Namely, there are deadlines: 30 days for .DE, and (maybe) 1 year for ImageShack.US. So, if one of these files is not accessed (downloaded) during this period, the hosters delete it for good; You'll then have to look for the individual, original logos (non optimized) at: Pouët logos folder, ExoticA galleries, EAB@Abîme search (try "logo" in titles)...

Before getting to the individual links/thumbnails of the images,
let's detail the main purposes of this message:
a. you may compare the logos using the chart,
b. you may design your own logos in the same style,
c. you may build a finer/richer classification (tutorials, plugins...)

About my classification (v1.0) :

• First, the 'tools' (processes) the designers used to build their characters:

(563x173, 45 KB)

• Second, the chart that lists these 'tools' in this logos collection:

(640x2800, 321 KB)

• Third, a few notes:
a) These 16 ("0"-"F") basic tools can only show the very first steps of fonts creation. Everything else is not mentioned and beyond this topic, especially: classic distortions (e.g. quadrilateral perspectives, spherical warpings), transparencies and brilliances (e.g. details of reflections, light/defocus/smoke effects), classic textures (e.g. flat fillings, secondary reliefs).
b) These tools are related to the main text (characters) of the logo, front/top face first. They are sometimes subjective (See c. above - and it's v1.0), often piled up ("low" & "high" may coexist), but are always significant (I did not mention them if their use is not quite important). These tools detail also the shadows (esp. projections and outlines). Chronology (steps): n/a. Softwares: independent.
c) My unmodified SolidTime3D (See previous post) uses [[0][3][5]] tools; Quake fonts (See above) use mainly [[0];[5];[C];[B];[D];[3];[4];[7];[9]] tools (decreasing sorting).

Assembled keywords: font, logo, design, gallery, Pouet, Exotica, EAB/Abime.


Quick overview - All logos (173 small thumbnails, no info):

LoFi JPG (888x1600, 162 KB)

HiFi PNG version (718 KB)

Detailed overview - All logos (173 large thumbnails, with info):
LoFi JPG (1600x3888, 650 KB)

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