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I must admit that it really makes me feel very happy when I receive comments like this. Although it's not really important per say (or my reason for doing this), it's good to know that people appreciate all the effort you've put in.

Saying that though, in essence all I'm really doing is making it easier for the end user to set up the emulator and everything else...

I really take my hat off to the people who actually have the knowledge + understand a system so well, then spend loads of their personal time to use these acquired skills / knowledge in order to create / program / update the actual emulator. Not to mention that this is virtually always done for free and nothing is expected in return... Of course I'm taking about people like Toni Wilen, the MAME team and the Snes9x author. These people are the real champions here, let's not forget that and they deserve the utmost respect

Imagine how proud they must be of their "babies", I know I would be

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