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Hey Macca,

Many thanks for your post

Ah yes, the old "subst" (substitute) command...

The only issue I can think of with this is:

Subst would be run through the menu system / batch files i.e. SETUP.EXE. Once you reboot the PC / laptop though, subst would be removed and therefore you would need to run SETUP.EXE again to add back in the subst. Don't really want to have to do this...

I have thought of a way around this though:

With the shortcut that gets copied to the Desktop, instead of having it point directly to the Front End, I could have it pointing to another batch file which would have the following in it:

subst z: \SNES\ROMS
\SNES\FRONT END\LusSpace.exe

Sounds promising, need to test it out tonight...

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