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There was a KS3.1 r40.70 for the A3000 but a minority of people said that they had problems with certain SCSI hardware so when VillageTronic officially released the A3000 ROM version they released the earlier r40.68 version.

As you know there are differences between an A3000 r40.68 and an A4000D r40.68 and are probably differences between an A3000 r40.70 and a A4000T r40.70?

The problem is I cannot tell which version myself or Ze_ro has just from looking at the files size & CRC32

I am almost sure that I have an r40.70 SuperKickstart file on my A3000, but it isnt here so I cannot tell... all I have is the file.

Ze_ro says that his A3000 (with KS1.4 using SuperKickstart files) reports it's kickstart as 2.04 r37.174 at one stage during boot and then later on as 3.1 r40.78 so you can see our dilema.

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