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Originally Posted by Chain
i have here: Kickstart v1.4a15 rev 36.15 (1989)(Commodore)(alpha).rom CRC:A3BA6116
That is _NOT_ a SuperKickstart file. It's a plain old A3000 v1.4 kickstart ROM.

When you have v1.4a15 Kickstart ROM in your Amiga 3000 it doesnt boot like a regular Amiga (with perhaps the exception of the A1000). On powerup it looks for a SuperKickstart file (either on the hard disk or a floppy disk) this KS file is loaded into memory and used from there.

I have 3 versions of SuperKickstart files a 1.3 version, a 2.04 version and a 3.1 version. However Ze_ro has a different file to me. This is probably because we have different revisions of the same type of SuperKickstart files, e.g. I think he has v3.1 r40.68 and I have v3.1 r40.70

However we cannot quite tell the differences between them from the files themselves.

Shame TOSEC hasnt looked into this area...

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