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Originally Posted by andreas
You're not trying to make a fool of me, eh?
I was talking about ORIGINAL motherboards shipped AS-IS with beta BIOSes, not the option to update it via the manufacturer's/vendor's web site. I haven't seen any (common?) manufacturer doing this (yet).

I was making this comparison as an Amiga boot ROM can - in some way - be regarded as a sort of PC bios.

Slowly I get the impression that you make yourself look like a fool.

Of course no manifacturer tells his customers that he ships beta software with his hardware. But early software versions always contain bugs. That's why the A1000 was shipped with WORM and Kickstart disks and that's why the A3000 was shipped with Superkickstart disks. That's business practice. It's a calculated risk. You have to ship your product before other companies ship their products. So you ship with firmware which has been tested but still has many known bugs. There is just not enough time to correct them all before the initial release. So you make your firmare updatable (flash-rom was not known or too expensive in the 80ies, so the Kickstart was loaded from floppy disk) and once the bugs (or some of them) are corrected, you let the user update it.

It does not matter which device you look at, it gets even worse nowadays. Every advert of a DVB-T or SAT receiver mentions that the firmware is updatable. Software development is not so important any more. They ship with early versions of the software and once bug reports arrive, they make updates available. It's too expensive to do all the beta tests themselves.

I really don't understand why you are so surprised about it.
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