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Monster list of Amiga game remakes/tributes/clones

Well here we go again folks. The fans (the ones I conjured up in my head to make me feel important) demanded it, so who am I to deny them? This is the eagerly anticipated (snigger) follow up to my Amiga game flash remakes post.

Please let me know if you have any additions or other suggestions to help me to improve the list.

I've played very few of the entries so far (most of them being Windows-only doesn't help), but one which stands out for me is Derelict. It's a Gauntlet-'em-up / Chaos Engine-a-like shareware game with a sci-fi / alien twist. Right from the outset you're mobbed by hoards of baying slimers so the action is pretty relentless as in the original Gauntlet.

I completed the demo very quickly on the easy level and got slaughtered in seconds on the toughest setting so everyone should be able to find the right balance to suit their L33t 5k1LLz. I didn't see much variety in the range of enemies or weapons on my travels, but I suppose that's because the version I played is just a taster.

What it really needs is a two player online battle mode a la Extreme Violence.

Has anyone else tried it?

I had a quick go of Mutant Storm. It's a really flashy, show-offy version of Robotron where you use the keyboard to move your character around the screen and the mouse to aim your weapons - outright cheating if you ask me since it makes the game far too easy to master.

Ultratron isn't as impressive graphically (still very slick though), but much more fun IMO. I gather it's a more authentic rendition of the original Robotron because you have to use one key to fire left, another one to fire right and so on, as well as using the arrow keys for navigation.
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