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Originally Posted by sarek2k
if you do go via the .iso option m8 i'll gladly make it into a torrent and tout it around a few torrent sites (assuming the "make torrent" option in uTorrent is easy to work )

not got round to starting the cd / dvd covers yet but have got templates for the cd disc and and jewel case! Anything in particular your looking for in the design also what do you want to call the dvd ie a name??? DD's SneS DVD etc lol
Hey sarek2k,

Was pretty busy doing other things yesterday but did take a quick look at the SNES DVD. I should be able to complete the following tonight:

... DVD autorun.
... Copy files / folders to HDD through the menu.
... Having an .iso but leaving the roms out.

As for the other 2 remaining suggestions, here's my thoughts so far:

Removal of HDD letter selection via UNC paths:
Well this is sort of done as I'm now using UNC paths in the .reg files (for the emulator paths). Just need to test it a bit further... UNC paths were always used in my SETUP.EXE program and the FrontEnd.

With the removal of HDD letters though, for the moment I need to leave these in for the user to let me know where to copy the files / folders to

More control over the install / savestate paths via user input:
Still need to think about how to achieve this through batch files. As said above I would probably need to have the user enter in a string, then take that string and apply it as the path. The only problem is that I'm not entirely sure how I could do this, then add the string into my .reg files afterwards. Unfortunately I'm not a programmer

Thank again for your feedback and suggestions.

Best regards

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