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Originally Posted by Ze_ro
The chips inside the 3000 right now have typed white labels that read "COPYRIGHT 1990 CAI, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, ALPHA 5 ROM 0 CS=9713", and "ROM 1 CS=9B21"
Definately Kickstart 1.4. These are 390630-02 and 390629-02 versions

Looks like you have 2x sets of KS1.4!

I admit I'm really not quite sure what I'm looking for, but I see no references to devs:kickstart
It doesnt necessarily have to say devs:kickstart. That is where the kickstart 1.4 ROM looks, doesnt have to be where the relokick program looks. However if you have not seen relockick or skick....

Is there anything that gets executed before s:startup-sequence somehow? There's a splash screen that is coming up that prevents me from seeing what's actually happening when the machine boots, and I can't find where that thing is loading up either.
Not sure what you mean.

Aside from losing out on 512k of RAM, is there any real downside to loading kickstart off the harddrive as opposed to having actual 3.1 chips?
The code in the 1.4 ROM is not 68040+ compatible and so will not work with an accelerator.

You have a very old A3000 though. Chances are you have very old chips in your A3000. Although very cheap, the A3640 accelerator (which would offer a 4x speed over your 16MHz 030) probably wouldnt work without you replacing at least the Buster chip as well as your Kickstart ROMS

Probably not worth trying!
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