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Originally Posted by alexh
Without a doubt you DEFINATELY have KS1.4 chips!

I think that might mean that your kickstart image in DEVS: is a 2.04 version.

There is a good chance that you are soft loading 2 different kickstarts one after another. I speculate that your brother was never able to get a REAL A3000 3.1 ROM image and had to use this trick to get around it. Or it could be something totally different.
Wow, this is rather complicated. I talked to my brother about this, and he definitely remembers that the guy he bought the machine from had upgraded the ROMs, and had also given him the old ROMs when he bought it. He says they were mounted in the system on a ROM tower. However, I found the (empty) ROM tower sitting in the basement with a number of broken pins. The chips inside the 3000 right now have typed white labels that read "COPYRIGHT 1990 CAI, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, ALPHA 5 ROM 0 CS=9713", and "ROM 1 CS=9B21". Any idea what this means? Searching the net only found me this italian forum where some other guy apparently has similar ROMs in his 3000.

I managed to find a few other sets of Kickstart chips... one set being 390629-02/390630-02. According to this list, these are the 1.4 chips out of an Amiga 3000. The container they are in is sealed with Commodore tape, so whoever replaced the chips must have been "official" or something.

To be sure I need to get a look at your s:startup-sequence and s:user-startup scripts and the Devs:kickstart to be sure. If you are we can easily fix it (get an A3000 ROM image) and you'll get back 512k of RAM too!
Well, I looked through them, but I can't see anything that would be loading up extra kickstart images... I admit I'm really not quite sure what I'm looking for, but I see no references to devs:kickstart, or anything like that. Is there anything that gets executed before s:startup-sequence somehow? There's a splash screen that is coming up that prevents me from seeing what's actually happening when the machine boots, and I can't find where that thing is loading up either.

Aside from losing out on 512k of RAM, is there any real downside to loading kickstart off the harddrive as opposed to having actual 3.1 chips?

Your boot partition must be less than 4Gig I think, probably less with KS1.4
Hmm... so if I have a giant harddrive, but make sure that the boot partition is relatively small (500MB maybe), then have the old ROMs boot up that, load up 3.1 ROMs from that partition, then mount the rest of the drive... would that all be kosher? Or might 1.4 get confused by the physical parameters of a large drive even if it's not attempting to access anything that might overflow registers?
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