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Originally Posted by Ze_ro
I asked my brother about this, and he claims that the machine DOES have actual 3.1 chips in it...
The little liar

Originally Posted by Ze_ro
If I go to the boot menu, it gives me options to boot either 2.0 or 1.3... if I DON'T go to the boot menu, it flashes "booting kickstart 2.0"...
Without a doubt you DEFINATELY have KS1.4 chips!

Originally Posted by Ze_ro
I then get an odd splash-screen that shows some system information, telling me that I have kickstart 37.175 and Workbench 38.36.
I think that might mean that your kickstart image in DEVS: is a 2.04 version.

Originally Posted by Ze_ro
Finally, once I get to a CLI, I find that I have kickstart 40.68 and Workbench 40.42!
There is a good chance that you are soft loading 2 different kickstarts one after another. I speculate that your brother was never able to get a REAL A3000 3.1 ROM image and had to use this trick to get around it. Or it could be something totally different.

To be sure I need to get a look at your s:startup-sequence and s:user-startup scripts and the Devs:kickstart to be sure. If you are we can easily fix it (get an A3000 ROM image) and you'll get back 512k of RAM too!

If this is correct it's almost certainly makes for an unstable system.

As long as I use Workbench 3.5 or higher, I shouldn't have to worry about the 4 GB limit, right?
Your boot partition must be less than 4Gig I think, probably less with KS1.4

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