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Originally Posted by alexh
Almost any SCSI CD-ROM will work HOWEVER you need a specific wiring for the cable that goes from the 25-pin header to the centronics connector. Sometimes known as "MAC SCSI" cable.
Oh, so PC's and Mac's use a different pin configuration then? There's a store near me that has a 25-pin to 50-pin cable, but there's no mention of Mac or PC anywhere in there... here's another that actually says "Apple" in the description... is there any way to know unless the packaging actually says?


I am guessing but there is a "DataFlyer_IDE.DMS" image.
I tried that one unsuccessfully, and then I found this disk image which seems to be a newer version of the drivers... unfortunately, I still haven't gotten it to actually recognize a hard drive. I think there are some jumpers missing from the board. Good thing I have the manual, so hopefully I can get it working.

As you say, some A3000's dont have REAL Kickstart 3.1 chips, they have 1.4 chips (yes 1.4) and they soft kick from a file on the hard drive. You reformat and you may never get your Amiga to do anything for a long time
I asked my brother about this, and he claims that the machine DOES have actual 3.1 chips in it... but I'm a little confused by some of the boot messages. If I go to the boot menu, it gives me options to boot either 2.0 or 1.3... if I DON'T go to the boot menu, it flashes "booting kickstart 2.0"... I then get an odd splash-screen that shows some system information, telling me that I have kickstart 37.175 and Workbench 38.36. Finally, once I get to a CLI, I find that I have kickstart 40.68 and Workbench 40.42! Needless to say, there's a bit of confusion here, and I certainly don't plan to format anything until I get this all figured out!

I recommend transferring everything to the PC, or even better buy a new SCSI hard drive and use that, keeping the old one as a back up.
I've considered doing this too... the system currently boots off of a 200 MB SCSI drive, but since old SCSI hard drives can be had for relatively cheap, it probably makes more sense to just replace it with something around 10-20 GB. As long as I use Workbench 3.5 or higher, I shouldn't have to worry about the 4 GB limit, right?
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