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Classic Games Revamped - Requests!

Bring 'em on!! List a retro game or two, not necessarily one done on the Amiga you'd like to see updated or even a sequel to.

EAB member DaphydTheBard is developing shoot-em-up Xenon III:Gygablast, a remake of Xenon II. Follow its progress here:

... and fellow EAB member Ironlord is doing a remake of the excellent Moonstone, more information here:

My requests:

Ok, ok, I'm not saying that these are ever likely to be updated but ya never know!!!

Skool Daze/Bak 2 Skool (Spectrum) - fresh lick of paint and maybe in 3D? More antics too!

Bobby Bearing (Spectrum) - Similar to Spindizzy worlds on the Amiga but had curved graphics and was bloody addicitve. Spindizzy on the other hand was a major dissappointment

Ant Attack (Spectrum) - Who can forget this one?? Imagine giant sized ants in 3D comin' at ya in an updated version?!

So many more I'd like to see brought up to date or sequels made and if I had the time and knowledge I'd be more than willing to program them!

PS For the retro fanatics, look up this is a site dedicated to giving up-to-date info on every game being currently remade!!
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