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That's the only annoying thing Adderly, near enough everyday i'm downloading ADF/HDF or others of some sorts from various sites and getting rather frustrated with half of them going down from day to day. Planetemu is about the only one i've never had any trouble with. Amiga Power is playing up. Ancient Toys is sometimes veeery slow. Amiga World of Classics is rather limited. As for the classic Back 2 Roots....

At the end of the day, it all boils down to time and money and commitment. Adverts really is the only source of income these days or even subscriptions (which do put people off unfortuantely) but I would be willing to subscribe to, if I knew I could download anything Amiga-wise.

I'd still say go for it and prove to all the existing sites it can be done!!

I want to see the Amiga emu scene live on forever!!!

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