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Floppy disk An Amiga site with almost every Amiga game (adfs and cds). Good idea/project?

Hi, What would you say about an Amiga site that hosts almost every Amiga game there is?, both floppy and cdtv/cd32?

It's not impossible and could be done by me and Hipoonios. We could get the fastest broadband available where we live and could get lots of 200+gig harddrives.

But... would this be totally illegal??? Would we get in trouble???

There's already alot of sites on the web with amiga games, and they have been running for years.... so my guess is that it shouldn't be any problems. But still want to know before anything is done. I know that some games are still being sold, and those games would of course not be on the site.

This would be the super duper, ultimate Amiga game download site.
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