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Almost any SCSI CD-ROM will work HOWEVER you need a specific wiring for the cable that goes from the 25-pin header to the centronics connector. Sometimes known as "MAC SCSI" cable.

The machine has a Dataflyer 500 IDE controller card but it doesn't seem like there is any driver installed

I am guessing but there is a "DataFlyer_IDE.DMS" image.

Is it worth installing 3.9 on it, or will it be too slow?
With no graphics card and no AGA, why bother? The only reason I can think of is to use hard drives and partitions greater than 4 Gig. Your CD-ROM will work without ASIMware CDFS though. Might be worth it.

I plan to format the hard drive and install from scratch (snip) I guess I'll have to be sure to save the kickstart images from the hard drive before I do this so that I can still use the boot menu to load 'em up. I've also been told that I have to name the harddrive WB_2.X: in order for softkick to work.

As you say, some A3000's dont have REAL Kickstart 3.1 chips, they have 1.4 chips (yes 1.4) and they soft kick from a file on the hard drive. You reformat and you may never get your Amiga to do anything for a long time

The first thing to do is work out if you REALLY have a KS1.4 machine.
Hold down both mouse buttons after you switch on the A3000, if you have ks1.4 you will be prompted to choose the operating system version to use. You can either bootstrap Kickstart 2.x and Kickstart 1.3 from hard disk or from floppy disk. Try 1.3 you never know you may have a Kickstart 1.3 partition you never knew about
The next thing you MUST do is make some Floppy "Super Kickstart Disks"

Once you are happy that your Super Kickstart floppy disks are working (Make both 1.3 and 3.1 versions to make sure they work) THEN you can think about re-formatting your hard drive. You do need the special A3000 versions of both ROMS. 3.1 should be on your drive, but most A3000's with 1.4 I've come across dont have the 1.3 ROM. Trawl the net and you can find it.

You should really get a handle on where the kickstart images live on the Amiga hard drive too before re-formatting (Devs:kickstart).

I recommend transferring everything to the PC, or even better buy a new SCSI hard drive and use that, keeping the old one as a back up.

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