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I have now checked several programs: demo maker, demo maniac, demo mania...... etc..

asked hipoonios and he said that there is Imagine and Imagine FX, he think it's Imagine I should have as it's good with 3d stuff... then there's also Real3D and Cinema4D.... never used any of those so dont know.....

the reason why I'm looking for a program like this is so that I can make those animating objects for my games and when someone asks, -how did you do that, I just say, -on the Amiga ....

There are alot of PC programs that can make what I want, and I have them... but havnt used them yet so it would take me like a week or more to figure out how to use them as they are all complicated. I was hoping the Amiga 3d programs would be easier to use.

So if anyone know of any easy progs to use, name them

this looks good, but probably complicated too
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