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Cool Restoring an Amiga 3000...

I've decided to restore my brothers old, forgotten Amiga 3000 that has been sitting in the basement for quite some time. The machine itself seems to work well, but it'll take some effort to turn it into a truly functional system. However, I'm new to the world of Amiga (playing games on it doesn't really count here), so I need some help. Hopefully someone can answer my questions here:
  • I have no CD-ROM drive. I've been looking into buying an external SCSI CD-ROM drive off eBay... they're pretty cheap at around $10, but I have no experience with SCSI components. Can I just buy any random SCSI CD-ROM and expect it to work, or do I need to worry about support for specific devices? I have a disk with AsimCDFS on it, which seems like it'll do the job as long as I acquire the hardware for it. Also, I've noticed that many devices have different types of connectors on them... are these incompatible, or is it just a matter of getting the right adaptor?
  • The machine has a Dataflyer 500 IDE controller card installed in it, but it doesn't seem like there is any driver installed. The install disk MIGHT be somewhere in my brothers pile of disks, but sorting through all them will take forever. Is there anywhere online where I can find drivers for Amiga hardware? It seems that I need ExpSys.amhd or ExpSys.device, but I haven't been able to find anything.
  • Right now, the machine is running Workbench 3.1, with Kickstart 3.1. Is it worth installing 3.9 on it, or will it be too slow? I have 14 MB of RAM total, but the machine is only 16MHz. I eventually want to get this machine connected to the internet, so the integrated TCP/IP stack and such will be very helpful. I know these features are in 3.5 as well, would 3.5 be a better choice for a slow system?
  • Regardless of which version of Workbench I use, I plan to format the hard drive and install from scratch, as there is a lot of software cruft causing problems. Is there anything special I need to know about doing this, or is it just a matter of using HDToolBox to format, and then booting off the Workbench disks/CD? I guess I'll have to be sure to save the kickstart images from the hard drive before I do this so that I can still use the boot menu to load 'em up. I've also been told that I have to name the harddrive WB_2.X: in order for softkick to work.
  • Is it worth learning ARexx? I've been using Unix for about almost 10 years now, so I'm familiar with scripting languages, and I know that I can install REXX on my Linux machine, so I figure it could be worth learning... but does general Amiga systems administration involve many REXX scripts? I know my brother has a book on ARexx that came with his original Amiga 500, but I haven't read any of it yet.
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