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Originally Posted by sarek2k

I'd love a copy of this dvd i have a snes dvd already but it's not so organised as yours is looks great and this brings me nicely upto a suggestion which might save you a whole lot of dvd's and other costs etc! how about putting all the stuff you have in an .iso but leave out the roms that way just your work on the front end of the dvd so to speak would be in the .iso and the end user could add's their own roms etc.

I know this would bring a whole load of problems with roms sets etc But it would allow ppl to download a much smaller file (less than a cd) and save your burner

Finally if you require a logo or any graphics to make installers or any other project in the future i'll sure oblige!
Hello sarek2k,

Not a problem at all, I'll burn you a copy and post it off on Monday

About putting all the stuff I have into an .iso but leaving out the roms... This is a very good suggestion but I believe there are 2 issues here:

1) Would require the user copy all desired roms to .\SNES\ROMS, then to go through the Front End and do the following to get all the roms recognised:

... Select Options --> Only Screenshots, then from under the Scan tab, click the button Start Scanning.
... Once complete, select Options --> Only Screenshots to hide this menu again.

2) I believe that during a scan LusSpace will check through the Super NES.dat file (which contains known games) and enable + add the full path of the roms it finds e.g. D:\SNES\ROMS\2020 Super Baseball (U).zip. I manually removed the D: from the Super NES.dat file before burning.

I need to test adding in some roms that I don't currently have to make sure this is absolutely the case...

One thing though, I know it's easy for us guys to do all of the above / change options etc. but remember the whole reason as to why I created this DVD in the first place was to help out some friends of mine who are computer illiterate. They just wanted to enjoy SNES stuff but didn't know where to begin... I have to try to keep this in the back of my mind always, make sure it's relatively simple and not too confusing for users of any computer level. I think / hope that I've achieved this? Saying that, I am open to suggestions, appreciate all your great feedback and will definitely consider making changes

Finally thank you for your kind offer to assist, I'll definitely let you know if I require any help in the future. I too love graphic design and was going to create CD covers (front, back, and lables) but haven't had the time yet. You are most welcome to put something together if you like

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