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Originally Posted by Bloodwych
Even if you don't make anymore changes, it's still really cool. The small issues mentioned are minor and not worth correcting if it involves too much work. I always like to try and offer some constructive criticism - thanks for all your detailed responses.
...and you most definitely have although I would call it constructive feedback instead of criticism my friend

When I get some I will try and implement some stuff like the HHD copy and the TV Mode (did you think this was a cool idea?). There were no other options that you though would be good to change / add in the "best" emulation settings were there?

Originally Posted by Bloodwych
If we could make DVDs like this for every platform it would be awesome:

MAME, Magadrive, Amiga etc - a hand picked games DVD for every format. Perhaps I'll have a go at making some in the future; your DVD has offered inspiration.
Yes, this would be absolutely awesome. I play around with MAME32 to set the best button configurations for use with my HotRodSE as sometimes they are not the way I like by default... Going through 6000 games isn't fun though... With WinUAE I've also added in / tested about 400+ configurations for games I love. Again this takes a long time

Originally Posted by Bloodwych
Oh yes, the games. No it was only those two that were bad. Strange, DVD burning is usually fine.

EDIT: can you upload them to the zone and I'll download and replace them!
Yup, very strange indeed. Hmmm, I can upload them if you like but it's probably just as easy for you to download them from the same place I got them i.e. PlanetEmu

Best regards.
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