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Hello Bloodwych,

Wow, thank you for taking to time to test and give excellent feedback, much appreciated.

I'll try to address the things you have mentioned:

Originally Posted by Bloodwych
Room for expansion too as only 1.13MBs has been used so far. That means room for even more SNES roms, perhaps even add a megadrive collection?
Yes, as you say there is room for expansion. LusSpace can cover a wide variety of different consoles / systems and there is ample space left on the DVD.

Originally Posted by Bloodwych
1. It would be nice if the DVD autorun and had the option of firing up the emu or installing to hard drive from the menu. I know not everyone likes autorun DVDs, however I think it would be a plus.
I was thinking about having an autorun process that would launch \SNES\SETUP.EXE. I was even going to go further and add in a check to see if SETUP.EXE had already been run and if so skip running it again... I decided against this in the end but it's an easy thing for me to implement.

Auto-kicking off the Front End through the menu... The reason why I didn't do this is that a shortcut gets placed on your desktop that starts everything. In all honesty, after running the SETUP.EXE program once you really don't need to touch it again. Not to say this cannot be added though, just not sure if it's worth doing for the reasons just mentioned. Finally, given how the DVD is currently set up, this wouldn't have worked if you wanted to copy everything to the HDD...

As for the installing everything to the hard drive through the menu, here's how I was thinking about getting this to work:

a) Have a packed .zip or .rar file loacted on the DVD and then extracting this to the partition selected. Only issue is that it wastes space having a .zip or .rar + everything already extracted on the DVD (of course everything needs to be already extracted on the DVD if you want to run it from there).

b) Just modify the batch file to copy all files / folders from the DVD to the partition selected. I believe is the best way to achieve this.

Originally Posted by Bloodwych
2. I noticed one of my favourite games Super Aleste is missing! How did you hand select these ROMS? Or is it under a different jap/usa name? I haven't had time to check if any other big titles are missing. The collection that is provided is mighty impressive however, I'd just like it to be even more complete in later versions (since the DVD is only 25% full!)
I would say that Super Aleste is probably under a different Japanese / USA name, I would need to check to be certain though. I did use USA roms over EU ones as they were guaranteed to be English whereas some EU ones were in English or in French or in German (if you were lucky you would be given the option to select but this was not always the case). From memory, a good example of this is Super Metroid. Basically if you use the EU version, you have English + German text on the cutscenes, if you use the USA version you only see English text. I only selected Japanese roms if there was no EU or USA version available and the game looked cool...

Originally Posted by Bloodwych
3. I'd like more control over the install paths, perhaps linked in with 1) during hard drive installation. Also like to choose where the SNES savestates go if running from DVD.
Hmmm, control over the install paths and savestates. This could be done, but may be difficult. I would need to think about how to achieve this through batch files. You would probably need to have the user enter in a string, then take that string and apply it as the path. The only problem is that I'm not entirely sure how I could then add this into my .reg files...

Originally Posted by Bloodwych
4. Scanlines are great, however don't work well on LCD monitors which most people use these days. No hassle really, as I like the way you've left the menu showing by default so people can quickly change to what suits them best. Perhaps another menu option could cover this?
Did you find any other settings configured through the "best" option that weren't good? If it's only the scanlines lines option then I could modify the "Emulator" menu options to have:

... "Best" in Scanlines Mode.
... "Best" in TV Mode.
... "Default".

Originally Posted by Bloodwych
5. I had problems copying the DVD to my hardrive - Kick Off and Super Chinese Fighter zips were unreadable???? Perhaps I was unlucky and got a bad burn. Can anyone else who received a copy confirm that all there games copy across ok?
Hmmm, it could be that the DVD is a bad burn or more likely that when I downloaded the .zip file, it somehow became corrupt. As you can imagine I didn't test all 1219 roms to make sure this was not the case. I'll check my original downloads...

Originally Posted by Bloodwych
6. Is it necessary to select the hardrive letter to run from? Can't all the paths be given relative references rather than full paths so the SNES folder can be dragged/run from any hardrive location?
Most probably. I could try to use UNC paths in the batch / registry files e.g. .\SNES\ROMS

Originally Posted by Bloodwych
Anyway, a great start to your DVD project. I really think you should polish it up, add any missing SNES games, perhaps add other 16-bit consoles and give yourself a pat on the back.

Nice work and a great idea. Well Done!
I will try to do the above mentioned things. Time is the only issue, working on a few other different projects at the moment... I spent loads of time doing this DVD and finished it about 6 months ago, hadn't really touched it since... I'll see what I can do and keep everybody posted.

Thanks again for your excellent feedback.

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