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My DVD arrived in my eager palms this morning - how about that for service!

I've given this DVD a beast of a testing session and here is my feedback:

The DVD is very easy to get up and running straight out of its case; the front end works absolutely fabulous and overall it's a great package.

The game selection, with all screenshots provided, is a huge plus and extremely convenient, all being on one handy DVD. Room for expansion too as only 1137248MBs has been used so far. That means room for even more SNES roms, perhaps even add a megadrive collection?

Now for some general feedback and suggestions:

  1. It would be nice if the DVD autorun and had the option of firing up the emu or installing to hard drive from the menu. I know not everyone likes autorun DVDs, however I think it would be a plus.
  2. I noticed one of my favourite games Super Aleste is missing! How did you hand select these ROMS? Or is it under a different jap/usa name? I haven't had time to check if any other big titles are missing. The collection that is provided is mighty impressive however, I'd just like it to be even more complete in later versions (since the DVD is only 25% full!)
  3. I'd like more control over the install paths, perhaps linked in with 1) during hard drive installation. Also like to choose where the SNES savestates go if running from DVD.
  4. Scanlines are great, however don't work well on LCD monitors which most people use these days. No hassle really, as I like the way you've left the menu showing by default so people can quickly change to what suits them best. Perhaps another menu option could cover this?
  5. I had problems copying the DVD to my hardrive - Kick Off and Super Chinese Fighter zips were unreadable???? Perhaps I was unlucky and got a bad burn. Can anyone else who received a copy confirm that all there games copy across ok?
  6. Is it necessary to select the hardrive letter to run from? Can't all the paths be given relative references rather than full paths so the SNES folder can be dragged/run from any hardrive location?

Anyway, a great start to your DVD project. I really think you should polish it up, add any missing SNES games, perhaps add other 16-bit consoles and give yourself a pat on the back.

Nice work and a great idea. Well Done!

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