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Hey guys,

Somethings I should have mentioned in my original post:

... The setup program which needs to be run once is found on the DVD here; \SNES\SETUP.EXE.

... If you have more than one CD / DVD drive in your PC, make sure that your DVD drive is the first available. This is because my batch file that detects the CD / DVD drives will assign the first one found. I am thinking about having an option to select which drive you would like to use but this will require an extra menu screen...

... No matter if you select "Local Hard" Drive or "DVD-ROM" drive installation, a shortcut called SNES Emulator will be copied to your Desktop pointing to the correct path.

... Once you start a game, you will see a menu bar at the top of the screen in the emulator. Just press <Esc> to make it disappear / reappear.

... Scanlines are turned on by default. This is best when playing through a PC monitor. If playing through a TV, then it's better to switch scanlines off and select TV Mode instead. This can be done in the emulator by:

a) Pressing <Esc> to bring up the menu bar.
b) Selecting Options --> Display Configuration.
c) From under Output Image Processing, change Scanlines --> TV Mode, click OK and press <Esc> to make the menu bar disappear again.

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