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Originally Posted by MethodGit
Not necessarily. Your ISP should have a Usenet server, right? Blueyonder's news server for example is

Of course there are various paid Usenet servers, but some are relatively cheap anyways - I'm on Easynews who charge only $9.98 for every 20-gig block. Or per month, whatever, but rather than waiting till next month to download again, they just charge you for a fresh new block to use, like an auto-refill of sorts.
Hmmm, I have an 8MB broadband connection with UK Online (as they were the only ISP that said they could provide me close to 8MB due to poor phone line quality). I know they do not have any access to newsgroups unfortunately...

I'll have to probably go down the paid Usenet servers route


Bloodwych, some very good suggestions there. Well worth investigating
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