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Hi all,

I have just got a PCMCIA Amiga-PC network kit.

The kit came with an Amiga boot floppy which has two required executable scripts to lauch PCMCIA driver and then to FTPmount.
On PC side I use Bulletproof FTP. All is well, I can drag and drop or use Filer which came on the Floppy. I attach the startup-sequence from the floppyStartup-sequencefloppy.nfo

The problem is that I want to be able to start the network from my HD Workbench which is a new unaltered BloodWych Classic Workbench lite install on a Real Amiga 1200 2MB CHIP 4MB Fast 68882 FPU

There is also Hard Disk install option, which I have used. Install Script Install.nfo. I copied all the Harddisk install files to "My Files" in a directory called "workbench". I edited the script to point to the directory "workbench" as the source. The script ran flawlessly and all files were installed correctly. This gave me 2 scripts in my AmiTCP folder - one to Start link Start Link.nfo and one to stop link Stop Link.nfo. On running Start link I get the error "AmiTCP:AmiTCP" (erro # 80000004) or #80000003. This also occurs when trying to start AmiTCP on its own.

Can anyone help with this problem, or maybe a step by step guide to setting up the network manually?

Many thanks!

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