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Hello Bloodwych,

Thank you for your kind words and support. I would be very happy to burn you a copy and to see what you think.

Like you've said many people will probably have all the roms but what I've done is made the setup process a simple 1 minute job instead of having to work out / configure everything. It's very user friendly and simple. One of the reasons why I created this was to help out friends who wanted to play Snes games but are computer illiterate and would have no idea where to begin...

It did take me quite a while to put everything together i.e. download the emulator / front end, work out the best options, go through / download all the roms, get adapters for PS2 / Xbox controllers + remap buttons, write the batch files / registry entries to configure everything etc...

I'll burn a copy tonight, just send me your address.

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