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Thanks DamienD took very little effort really!

@Mick AKA was the piece of crap you reffering to a Pc and also was your reference to PS - Photoshop? in which case i use the Piece of crap for graphics and not PS for graphics on the piece of crap )

anyway i know i am flogging a dead horse here cause no one will listen but here goes I do all my graphics these days on a program called XARA EXTREME and again please don't mix this up with xara 3d or xara webstlye these programs are aimed at newbies etc, Xara Extreme is for pro's or amatuers (like me), but not at newbies.

Comparisons between apple mac software (native) such as Adobe products ie Photoshop and also Illustrator and the PC and Xara Extreme, Xara comes out very favourably! If you don't believe me check out and watch the videos. I know this will be of little intrest to pixel artists i know i tried that for a few years on Amiga! but for all round graphics Xara Exteme rules! Oh and BTW Xara Extreme supports a few of Photoshop plugins now

Finally just the other day i loaded up my A1200 with Brilliance (my prefferd art package on the Amiga) and tried to do a logo i just don't have the patience anymore
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